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A Passion for Learning

I am a medical doctor. I did master's in public health with health informatics, doctorate in interdisciplinary population health with Big Data Analytics. My post-doctorate training includes applying AI-Machine, deep learning analytics and geo- artificial intelligence in assessing, mapping and predicting health risk from exposure to indoor air radon. Previously, he consulted and engaged in implementation and evaluation research with the World Health Organization, UNDP, RSI-Canada; IRC-USA; Johanniter-Germany; Merlin-UK and Humanity First International.

Areas of expertise: Global public health, population health, health systems and clinical research in areas of clinical trials, risk assessment, implementation and intervention research, health econometrics and health policy research; professional training and capacity building, university teaching, graduate supervision and mentoring.

Accomplishments: Developed and implemented Predictive AI analytics-machine learning (ANNRW), deep neural (LSTM) modelling; time series (ARIMA/SARIMA model), Geo-artificial intelligence (FBCR,KNN, 3D GIS risk mapping); Econometric evaluation (Markov, CEA); Big Health Administrative and Epidemiological Data Analysis, Mixed methods (quantitative-qualitative) research, health emergency preparedness as per IHR, public health project management, university teaching, supervision, mentoring, demonstrating data analysis in health research. Taught and delivered lectures on the application of AI, machine and deep learning algorithms in health research.

Received two postdoctoral fellowships, university teaching excellence award and quality graduate badge.

Developed and implemented high quality, innovative multidisciplinary mixed methods research projects with interdisciplinary and international collaboration.

Published over 11 peer-reviewed original research articles with the Nature, Sage, Elsevier, Springer, BMC, Global Health and Interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journals as well as two book chapters. Knowledge translation on my research has released in the national (CTV, Radio Canada) and international media in English, French and other languages.

Led UN interagency teams to assess health risks, Coordinated a set of WHO’s program and research, Co-chaired Health Clusters, led technical teams and task groups; measured health systems performance, enhanced health systems’ research agenda and contributed to health equity, resilience building, policy reforms and health systems strengthening.

Developed and maintained public health surveillance systems.

Certified in University teaching; received academic distinctions at all levels with the golden GPA in masters and gold medal for excellence in doctorate research.

Secured Presidential and Ministerial awards from two countries.

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